Spotlight 8 Test 4 ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 4 Module 4

Spotlight 8 Test 4 ОТВЕТЫ — контрольная работа № 4 по английскому языку в 8 классе с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение. Цитаты из пособия указаны в учебных целях.

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    A Circle the odd word out.
 1 trendy / fashionable / modern / linen
2 plain / baggy / striped / floral
3 stockings / basket / cloak / trousers
4 velvet / silk / wool / casual
5 slim / overweight / straight / thin
6 scruffy / sporty / checked / elegant

    В Underline the correct item.
 7 Mark gave Sue a great original/genuine silk scarf for her birthday.
8 Cynthia’s shirt fits/goes really well with her trousers.
9 Little Suzie thinks that her granddad’s big curly/bushy eyebrows look really funny!
10 Helen wanted to rent/borrow my black dress to wear to a party.
11 Why don’t you wear your red shirt tonight? It really matches/suits you.
12 Tim has grown/increased much taller, and his clothes don’t fit him anymore.
13 Now that spring is here, we can put our heavy winter clothes off/away.
14 Alex has lost/missed a lot of weight since he started exercising.
15 Dad put his foot/hand down and wouldn’t let us go to the match.
16 This ring isn’t made of real gold; it’s priceless/worthless.


   C Complete the sentences using the appropriate adjective from the list below and tool enough, as in the example.
 • pretty • skinny • classy • shy • troubled
17 Lisa should put on a little weight; she’s too skinny.
18 Chris thinks that jeans aren’t classy enough to wear to a wedding.
19 There are many teens who are too troubled about their body image.
20 Olga believes that she isn’t pretty enough to be a fashion model.
21 Don’t expect Angela to come and talk to you first; she’s too shy around new people.

    D Fill in the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.
22 Can you wait a few minutes? Your dress is being shortened (shorten) right now.
23 John was asked (ask) to star in a Broadway show last year.
24 Do you think that people are affected (affect) by all these adverts they see on TV?
25 Tickets for The Phantom of the Opera must be booked (book) weeks earlier.
26 The theme of next month’s fashion show hasn’t been decided (not/decide) yet.
27 Some fashion designers believe that all clothes will be made (make) with organic fabrics in the future.

    E Write two passive sentences for each of the sentences below, as in the example.
28 Anna offered Natalie some good advice.
a) Some good advice was offered to Natalie by Anna.
b) Natalie was offered some good advice by Anna.
29 They are sending you the email.
a) The email is being sent to you as we speak,
b) You are being sent the email as we speak.
30 Someone brings her the newspaper every morning.
a) The newspaper is brought to her every morning.
b) She is brought the newspaper every morning.

    F Rewrite the sentences in the causative form.
31 Sonya asked a famous designer to make her wedding dress.
Sonya had her wedding dress made by a famous designer.
32 The dentist whitens George’s teeth twice a year.
George has his teeth whitened twice a year (by the dentist).
33 The photographer has developed our holiday photos.
We have had our holiday photos developed (by the photographer).
34 A professional make-up artist did my sister’s make-up.
My sister had her make-up done (by a professional make-up artist).
35 Mum is cleaning my skirt for me.
I’m having my skirt cleaned (by Mum).

 Everyday English

    G Complete the exchanges using the phrases below. There is one extra phrase.
 36 A: Why don’t you wear your nice cotton trousers?
B: (С) I can’t. They don’t fit me anymore.
37 A: How do I look in this yellow shirt?
B: (В) Excellent! It really suits you!
 38 A: I suggest you wear your blue suit to the party.
B: (D) I haven’t worn that for ages, but, why not?
 39 A: What do you think of these jeans?
B: (F) They’re a bit too big.
 40 A: Do you think this jumper is too big?
B: (A) Yes. You need a smaller size.


    H Match the headings (A to F) to the paragraphs (41 to 45). There is one extra heading.
People have always had the need to set their own fashion trends, and there is no better witness to this fact than the Fashion Museum in Bath, England. With a display of original outfits dating from the 1700s to modern day, fashion enthusiasts will be thrilled to see not only authentic gowns worn by English kings and queens, but also some of the dresses made famous by the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.
A long time ago, clothes were simply a way of covering our bodies. Of course, there have always been preferences in one style or another, but fashion rarely used to define who we are. Today, things are different. Our clothes make a statement about our personality and our lifestyle. Teens, especially, associate the way they dress with the image they want to show others. It’s not really about being fashionable anymore; it’s rather about showing our identity through our choice of outfit.
William Ivey Long is one of the greatest costumes designers of our time. His extraordinary work in Hairspray, Chicago and other Broadway and off-Broadway plays has won him five Tony awards and twice as many nominations. His costumes are clever, original and a perfect expression of the character they are created for. The highlight in Long’s career was in 2006, when he was admitted to the Theatre Hall of Fame.
With more and more people turning their attention to our planet’s growing problems, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry is also doing so. Eco-safe materials, organic colouring substances and even clothes made from recycled materials are now easier to find and are becoming more and more popular with today’s shoppers.
The next time you feel frustrated because you don’t have Nicole Kidman’s porcelain skin, Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful hair or David Beckham’s muscular body, have a look through some gossip magazines. It might make you feel better to see pictures of your favourite Hollywood icons without their make-up on. Take a closer look at a star’s picture that hasn’t been retouched, and you’ll discover that many of them are ordinary-looking people, just like you and me!


   I Listen to the conversation between Jane and her brother, Jake, and mark the statements (46 to 50) as A (True), В (False) or C (Not stated).
46 Mark wants to buy his mother something really expensive for her birthday.
A True В False C Not stated
47 Jane and Mark’s mother doesn’t like carrying handkerchiefs.
A True В False C Not stated
48 Jane and Mark’s mother has too many skirts.
A True В False C Not stated
49 Jane thinks that their father should pay for their mother’s present.
A True В False C Not stated
50 Mark and Jane know what type of bag their mother would like.
A True В False C Not stated


Spotlight 8 Test 4 Module 4 ОТВЕТЫ — контрольная работа № 4 по английскому языку в 8 классе с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др.

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