Starlight 9 Test booklet Ответы

ГДЗ Контрольные задания по английскому языку Starlight 9 класс. Starlight 9 Test booklet Ответы (УМК Баранова). Английский язык 9 класс (углубленное изучение). Ответы (ключи) на задания адресованы родителям. Будьте внимательны! Иногда ответы даются не по порядку.

Starlight 9 Test booklet ОТВЕТЫ

Starlight 9 Test booklet ОТВЕТЫ


A).    1 secluded    6 temporary     2 discarded    7 proceeded     3 migrated    8 bustling     4 sell-by    9 aisle     5 suspicion 10 sparsely

В).    1 permanent    4 treated    7 blind     2 spot    5 adapt    8 impression     3 lend    6 help    9 show

C).    1 В    4 В    7 В    10 В    13 A     2 C    5 В    8 В    11 D    14 В     3 D    6 С    9 В    12 В    15 В

D).    1 E    2 А    3 С    4 D

E).    1 E    2 В    3 А    4 С    5 D

F).    1 cost    6 high ceiling     2 screwdriver    7 other rooms     3 engineer    8 plastic panels     4 durable    9 (portable) village     5 (emergency) shelters    10 schoolhouses

G).    1 В    2 С    3 A
Suggested answer
These days, many people choose to live with their families. Without a doubt, living with family has its disadvantages, but what about the advantages?
There are several reasons why people live with their families. First of all, it saves money. For example, parents tend to pay the bills for the whole household. Secondly, living with family provides companionship because there is always someone present to offer support and advice.
On the other hand, there is a lack of privacy. For instance, a person who lives with their family may have to share a room with a sibling.
Sharing a room could cause relationships to become strained and as, a result, arguments may develop.
All things considered, I think that there are both pros and cons to living with family. In my opinion, each person must decide for themselves if it is the right choice for them, based on their financial status and their relationship with the other family members.


A).    1 marinated    6 manipulate    2 mind-boggling    7 raw    3 spoilt    8 rotten    4 far-fetched    9 glittered    5 fussy    10 edible

В).    1 waving    3 restricted    5 knelt    2 bitten    4 pace    6 cracked

С).    1 D    4 C    7 В    10 C    13 В    2 A    5 В    8 A    11 В    14 D    3 В    6 D    9 C    12 В    15 C

D).    1 D    2 C    3 E    4 A

E).    1 b    2 a    3 a    4 b    5 a

F).    1 C    3 C    5 C    7 A    2 В    4 В    6 A

G).    1 c    2 A    3 В

Suggested answer
Many people question whether the government should spend more money on sports equipment for schools. In my opinion, having more sports equipment would be very beneficial for students.
Firstly, having good sports equipment encourages students to take up sports. This improves health and fitness among young people.
Moreover, it allows students to form school teams, which boosts school morale. Being part of a team also builds teamwork skills that are important in everyday life.
On the other hand, some people say that government money could be better spent. For instance, the funds could be used to purchase more library books and equipment for the classroom.
To sum up, I strongly believe that more government money should be spent on sports equipment for schools. To my mind, better sports equipment helps to promote sport and gives youngsters the skills they need to stay fit and healthy.


A).    1 chuckled    6 contagious    2 treading    7 refreshed    3 splitting    8 tickled    4 indigestion    9 insomnia    5 flicking    10 side effects

В).    1 roars    3 relieve    5 treat    2 steam    4 recovered

C).    1 C    3 C    5 D    7 A    9 D    2 C    4 В    6 В    8 D    10 C

D).    1 should/ought to see    2 can’t have been    3 should/ought to have studied    4 can’t have gone    5 may/might/could have broken

E).    1 В    2 C    3 C    4 A

F).    1 a    2b    3b    4a    5b

G).    1 D    2 В    3 F    4 C    5 A

H).    1 В    2 A    3 C
Suggested answer
Introduction. The purpose of this report is to suggest improvements to our restaurant in order to attract more young people.
Menu. To begin with, there is a limited choice of food available to customers. I would strongly suggest expanding the menu to include more items such as wraps, salads and pizza that are healthy, tasty and quite cheap to appeal to young people.
Décor. Furthermore, the decor of the restaurant is outdated and unattractive. It would be a good idea to paint the restaurant in bright colours to cheer people up and create a fun atmosphere.
Cost. Currently, the restaurant is too expensive for students. I am confident that more young people would come to the restaurant if we reduced the price of selected dishes. In addition, the restaurant could offer a student discount on food to attract younger customers.
Conclusion. On the whole, I believe that an updated menu, more modern decor and lower prices would attract more young people to our restaurant.


A).    1 capture    6 elaborate    2 appalled    7 swing    3 defy    8 reluctantly    4 scattered    9 assemble    5 faint-hearted    10 serve

В).    1 gather    3 boost    5 crowded    2 way    4 stricken

C).    1 D    4 D    7 D    10 D    13 В    2 C    5 В    8 В    11 A    14 C    3 В    6 A    9 D    12 C    15 В

D).    1 A    2 A    3 C    4 В

E).    1 e    2 d    3 a    4 b    5 c

F).    1 В    3 A    5 В    7 A    2 В    4 C    6 В    8 A

G). Suggested answer
Music fans across the country flocked to Dartmouth last weekend for the Dart Music Festival. This event takes place annually in May and it has been running for the past 16 years.
The Dart Music Festival has a reputation for offering a wide variety of activities for music lovers. There are always outstanding concerts featuring local musicians — some of these are well-known favourites, but there is also the opportunity to see newcomers to the music scene as well. In addition to the live music, singing and instrumental workshops for all ages are held throughout the weekend. This year, visitors also got the chance to see spectacular performances by the critically acclaimed New Devon Opera.
I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Dart Music Festival and I will definitely be going back again next year. If you’re at all interested in music, I highly recommend it.


A).    1 wander    6 perform    2 promising    7 wasteful    3 accurately    8 persistent    4 pinpoint    9 detect    5 regulations    10 collapsed

В).    1 leap    3 under    5 strong    2 reach    4 classified    6 depths

C).    1 C    4 A    7 D   10 C    13 A    2 C    5 D    8 A    11 C    14 D    3 A    6 C    9 В    12 В    15 C

D).    1 E    2 C    3 A    4 В

E).    1 a    2 b    3 b    4 a    5 b

F).    1 C    3 В    5 A    7 В    2 В    4 C    6 A

G). Suggested answer
I never imagined that it would be that dangerous. As someone who loves adventure, I’m always looking for new activities to do. So, last month, when my friends suggested going whitewater rafting, I jumped at the chance. The weather was warm and sunny when we set off in our boat one Saturday morning, and we all felt happy and excited.
We had only rowed about halfway down the river, when we heard a strange noise and looked up to see water rushing towards us! Our boat was hit by a large wave and I fell overboard. The water was cold and the current was very strong, and for a moment I panicked that I would be swept away. But my friend Mike managed to pull me back onto the raft and I was safe.
Back on dry land, I felt relieved to have come through the experience unharmed. I turned to Mike. «Thanks,»
I said. «You saved me out there.» Mike smiled. «I’m just glad you’re OK,» he replied.


A).    1 inspiration    6 abandoned    2 shiver    7 glimpsed    3 pro    8 eerie    4 thriving    9 vanished    5 infested 10 glide

В).    1 collided    3 hit    5 charge    2 taste    4 barrier

C).    1 В    4 В    7 В    10 В    13 С    2 D    5 D    8 С    11 С    14 А    3 C    6 В    9 С    12 D    15 В

D).    1 C    2 A    3 С    4 В

E).    1 D    2 A    3 Е    4 В    5 С

F).    1 tourist attraction    6 monkeys    2 location    7 birdwatching    3 trails    8 camping    4 (giant) tree    9 insects    5 main plaza    10 rubbish

C). Suggested answer
Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is a beautiful English garden situated on the banks of the River Thames, London. It is a great place for a family day out.
What Kew is most famous for is its stunning gardens, which were designed by famous landscape architects in the 18th century. Due to its role in plant science and conservation, Kew Gardens is protected and preserved by the UNESCO World Heritage Trust.
There are a number of reasons why tourists should visit Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. It has the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse filled with rare tropical plants. In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy a walk along the incredible 18-metre high treetop walkway.
Without a doubt, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is well worth a visit. If you are interested in plants, or just want to wander about in beautiful surroundings, I would highly recommend it.


ГДЗ Контрольные задания по английскому языку Starlight 9 класс. Starlight 9 Test booklet Ответы (УМК Баранова). Английский язык 9 класс (углубленное изучение). Ответы (ключи) на задания адресованы родителям. Будьте внимательны! Иногда ответы даются не по порядку.